Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Visit to JTS Library --> Corrections

Today I heard from three librarians who had corrections for my Librarian's Lobby column of July. They each had corrections to the article. No one outside of the JTS would even know about the errors. One was in the caption to a photo. I mentioned that the staircase was closed. It is not. I fixed the mistake in identifying people. Since I didn't mention names, no one outside of the library would notice.

However, no one noticed a word that I misspelled in the first line. It was in Hebrew and I guess the spell checker couldn't help me.

The article has been corrected and I hope everyone is happy. I am just flattered that someone reads what I wrote and took the time to help me fix it.

The corrected column may be downloaded from:

I received a request to review the online bibliographies of Hebrew books, but I am not able to do it because I do not have access to them. I am looking for ideas for new columns. Please send me your ideas and questions concerning libraries and Jewish books.

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