Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Monty Python moment

A Monty Python moment

Sometimes patrons of the library are so off the wall, their story needs to be told for everyone to enjoy. Last night a real zinger of an exchange went on. I had to bite my tongue to avoid laughing out loud.

I can't repeat it all but it was something like this. Richard is the librarian.

Richard: May I help you?
Lady: Can you help me? Where is the office?
Richard: Which office would you like?
Lady: Where is the office?
R: Is there someone you want to see?
L: Yes, where is the office?
R: Do you want a faculty office?
L. Where is the office?
R: What would you like to find in the office?
L. The office.
R: Do you want the GED office, registrar, or continuing ed office.
L. : Yes, the office.
R: Do you want the business office?
L. Yes, the office.
R: Do you want to register for classes?
L. I just want the office.
R. Ok. The security office is on the first floor, let me show you the way.

Richard finally got rid of her by politely showing her the stairs to the first floor.

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