Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Education and clarity of thought

On TV today I heard a character say, "Education! Of course I believe in education. As long as it doesn't get in the way of clear thinking."

Last night I think one visitor to the reference desk had neither education or clear thinking. Here is the exchange (enhanced for maximum humor.)

Visitor: Is this the library?
Librarian: This is the library. May I help you?
Visitor: Yes. I'm looking for the library.
Librarian. This is the library.
Visitor: I looking for room L131 in the library.
Librarian: Room 131 is downstairs. It's the testing center, not the library. The library is on the second floor.
Visitor: I was told L131 was in the library. How do I find it?
Librarian: L131 is in the library building on the first floor, but the first floor is not the library.
Visitor: Oh! How do I find the library building?
Librarian: You are in the library building. You need to go to the first floor. As you enter the building L131 is on the right.
Visitor: Thanks, but the security desk told me L131 is in the library. Where is the library?

The first task of the placement test is finding the test center. Fail that and you will be letting the lack of clear thinking interfere with education.

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