Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Good Deed goes ....

We try to help when our fellow librarians ask for help via list servs. By the time they post a message, they should have exhausted their resources and knowledge. On January 3 someone asked how to find an English translation of an Aharon Megged story. Using google scholar I found several articles that mentioned the story. I found the Hebrew original in my personal collection. With this I was able to find a book with the story. I reported back to the list serv that the story appears in the book, Facing the Holocaust : selected Israeli fiction / by Gilah Ramraz-Ra'ukh on pages 19-36. The story may be read on line using books.google.com.

After posting the message at least five librarians wrote to me personally and offered to send me a photo copy of the story. It sort of makes one wonder-- did anyone read my answer? I was not the requester; I was only pointing people in the right direction. If librarians can't read carefully, what do we expect of our students?

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