Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bibliographic Citations

Much of the work of reference librarians involves bibliographic citations. We instruct student how to create them and we use them to find books and articles. Quite accidentally I came across some articles that quoted me. I am flattered by the fact they learned something about knowledge from me, but I want the correct citation. The quotes were appropriate and in context, however, they got the citation wrong. The authors did not copy the correct title to the article.

Here is one example that occurred 9 times in one document.
Stuhlman Management Consultants. Knowledge management terms.
The correct citation should have been
Stuhlman, Daniel. Knowledge management terms. Chicago, Stuhlman Management Consultants, c2009. Retrieved from March xx, 2010.
I will change the heading of that web page and include a sample citation to make this more clear.

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