Monday, May 3, 2010

Above and Beyond Books

Librarians do more than work with books and periodicals. With thanks to a posting on LM-Net by Louise Leonard here are some of the activities that librarians do to help a school or community that are above and beyond the books.

1. Public Relations: Books fairs, reading promotions, concerts, special speakers are some of the exciting and unusual events that involve parents and the community. Often the press and TV want to cover these events, proving valuable and positive PR for the library and school. The librarian is an ambassador to the community for the school in many ways. Since the librarians are not the teacher for a particular class, they can speak about aspects of the school at all grade levels.

2. Web Presence: Librarians maintain vibrant web pages for the library and the school. This shows off the library resources and allows students and faculty to 24/7 access to library resources. Sometimes librarians maintain a social networking presence on Facebook, Twitter and others on behalf of the school. This strengthens our home-to-school bond.

3. Staff Development: Librarians are early adopters of emerging technologies, and model their use, both informally, and formally. Librarians train the students, faculty, and staff in the effective use of electronic information resources and electronic equipment. They help teachers learn how to use equipment to present material in the classroom. Librarians compile and make available curriculum related bibliographies and finding aids to help support the teachers’ lessons. Librarians provide expertise to prioritize purchasing of books, supplies, or equipment on a global basis for the school. They know how to find the sources and make the best deal for these purchases.

4. Committee work: Librarians serve on committees concerned with coordinating all information, technology, and building improvements that affect all users.

5. Grant Writing: Librarians try to bring revenue and resources for new ideas and equipment by researching, writing, applying or helping administrators with grants. They also help mange activities that grants pay for. Part of the overhead for grants goes to the library for resources to support the grant activity.

6. Marketing: Librarians prepare displays and signs to promote reading and the library. Librarians write materials that encourage reading, library use and learning for the moment and life-long learning.

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