Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creating a podcast

Yesterday after listening to a podcast I decided to see how easy creating a podcast is.  I used some recorded lectures that were saved in MP3 format.  I used the same service, PodOmatic that was used for the podcast I listened to.

I edited the audio files using WavePad, which I used to create all my audio lectures.  Since the creation of the original files my editing skills have improved.  I removed some noise and a few "ahs and aaahs." and added a signature ending.

PodOmatic makes the process very easy.  I uploaded the files,  created some metadata such as the title and keyword, hit publish and it was done.  I do have to put some pictures or visuals up.

The first file is from a course in science reference literature called "Interview with Dr. Robert Friedman."   Dr. Friedman, a biologist talked about using a library and library research in his work.  To view this episode, follow this link:

The second file is lecture 7 from a course in Judaica library service. "Library resources -- American Jewish Community." To view this episode, follow this link:

Let me know what you think.  I have more lectures that I could add.

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