Sunday, July 18, 2010

Search Engine Test

For years I have been telling students that search engines and data bases are different. Search engines index by machine. They have no ability to figure out words in context.Since language is full of ambiguities including words that have multiple definitions and multiple words for the same concept, machine indexing sometimes fails. Subject headings are an attempt to assign describers from a controlled vocabulary. Subject headings change with the times, but the process is slow. When teaching about searching data bases as compared with search engines I tell students if I wrote "This is not about ..." Google would still match it.

This is the test. This article has nothing to do with any the following topics:

1) New York City Subways
2) Bananas
3) Audio recording
3) Chicago Cubs
4) Microscopic synergy
5) Sprecher Brewery
6) Lakefront Brewery
7) Elmer Fudd meets Walter Wabbit

If you found this article with any of those keywords, I have succeeded in defeating Google's indexing.

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