Sunday, July 20, 2014

Durable Goods 3

July 20, 2014

It seems that everything wears out.  Last December I had to replace my microwave and this month I had to replace my clothes washer.  The old washer still looked new on the outside, but inside the pump and the transmission were broken.  Repair would cost more than a new washer. It was long and lingering demise.  I didn’t want to replace the washer before I had to. 

The repairman recommended a washer with minimal electronic gadgetry. It was also much less expensive than the fancy machines.  I searched the online sites of three stores.  The salesman agreed with the repairman. The washer was still on sale for the 4th of July sales.  The repairman said to get the model 4800, however I learned there were two model 4800 – the CU and BQ.  The CU cost $50 more, had a 3.4 cubic foot tub and fewer cycle choices.  The BQ has a 3.7 cubic foot tub.  I bought the BQ model.  The cost was below the threshold for free delivery.  I got an extended warranty for the same cost as delivery.  Then delivery was included.  I had to buy new water hoses to get free installation. 

On Friday (July 18) the washer was installed and the old one was taken away.  The delivery people said the old machine was ancient.  It worked for me for more than 20 years.  I didn’t want a new machine; I was forced to.  The machine had to run a cycle without clothes before I could use it to make sure residue remained from the shipping or manufacture.  The new machine works. It is quieter than the old one and the clothes are clean.

Good by old, leaky machine, hello new washer. 

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