Sunday, July 16, 2017

Moral Compass

Parashat Pinchas  July 15, 2017 -- The Moral Compass

This week, Parashat Pinchas, is a continuation of the story describing the act of idolatry and sexual immortality that started in beginning of Numbers chapter 25.  Pinchas summarily executed Zimri from the tribe of Shimon and Cozi, daughter of Zur, a Midianite. This stopped a plague that took the lives of 24,000 Israelites. The worship of the idol, Ba-al Pe’or, was an affront to God and very existence of the Jewish people.  The worshipers of the idol were not interested in the idol itself, but rather the act was justification for sexual immortality. It was a gateway to moral relativism and personal freedom. 

The business lesson is the moral conscience or compass should be in place all the time.  In business dealings with customers and clients, the first time one strays from the moral laws or expectations, one feels guilty.  Later the guilt turns to justification.  One may just say that this action allows me level the competitive playing field.  Soon the actual letter of the law is broken and cheating is the new normal.  This is wrong on many levels.  If one cheats customers, can cheating on the employees or the community be next?  In an organization or community personal freedom is limited by the needs to respect the personal freedoms of everyone.  I can yell, scream, and wave my arms all I want as long as I am not interfering with the rights or space of others.

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