Wednesday, December 10, 2008


An informal survey of college librarians found librarians are salaried and do not receive over time pay. There are wide variations in working time and expectations. Some are required to fill in exact time sheets; some are not. Some have the flexibility to arrange their working hours and some don't. Some places seem to have rules that are counter productive to balancing work and life. They may get extra pay for teaching a class or for an assignment above and beyond their normal responsibilities.

"Being a professional means that you aren't just putting in hours on the job, you are paid to perform a service." Suzanne M. Stauffer, Ph.D. Louisiana State University.

Librarians are educators. Parents, teachers, educators, managers, and leaders are supposed to set good examples. This my principle of
teaching by example. Professionals are supposed to not only talk, but look and act the part. I tell my students that it is our job to smile and be helpful even when you are having a lousy day.

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