Monday, December 1, 2008

The printer won't work

One of the common areas of questions the library staff concerns getting help with computers, printers and copier use. Most of the time the staff knows the answer because we had dealt with the problem many times. I was not a participant in this incident; only an observer. A library user whom I call "M" in this story came to the circulation desk demanding, "I want my money back." A student assistant ("SA" in this story) answered, "Excuse me, may I help you?"

M: The printer won't work.
SA: What's wrong with the printer?

M: I can't get it to print my stuff from Blackboard. I want my money back.

SA: I'm sorry it won't print. Did you lose money?

M: I put $5.00 on my printer card. I want my money back.

SA: Did the printer take your money and not print?

M: I can't even sent to job to the printer. I never inserted my print card. I just want my money back.

SA; Perhaps you should go downstairs to the printer lab? They have staff who can better help you. I can't give you your money back.

HC: May I help you? M: I want my money back?
HC: Did you lose any money?
M: I can't get the file to print from Blackboard.
HC: I'm sorry I don't have the ability to refund your money. Once your card has a stored value, that is yours. There is no way to refund the money. Did you try the computers downstairs?

M: NO!!! Who is in charge?
HC: I'll see if he is available.

LD: What is the problem?
M: I just want my money back.
LD: What program were you using?
M: I was trying to get a PowerPoint file to print from Blackboard. I need it for my class now.

LD: The library computers are for research. They don't have PowerPoint installed on them. The computer lab downstairs has computers for you to use. Those computers have PowerPoint. You can use your printer card there.
M: How do I get there? Could you show me how to get there?
LD: She wanted me to stand over her and make sure the pages printed out. I refused and came back.

M managed to get everyone annoyed. Everyone who encountered her was glad she was gone. This woman waited to the last minute to complete her assignment, then got everyone annoyed because she did not listen to the solution.

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