Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What libraries should do better -- part 2

1> Make it easier to ask questions and get answers

Provide what it is patrons, students, faculty and staff need when they need it. If it isn't fast and easy, patrons will go elsewhere. The goal should be to provide information on a timely basis. In order to provide answers the circulation, reference, or information desks must look approachable. Both the people and the physical features must look approachable.

2> Create new reasons to encourage patrons who don't come in the door to visit the library in person or electronically.

Reach out to a larger community. Members of the community are the ones who pay the bills even if this payment is indirect. Give the community reasons to want library services. Don't wait until they ask for help, offer it. In addition to electronic resources, a great building, and programs, do something outside of the box. Examples are: offer to visit classes or other places outside of the library building

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